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National Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics
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Vol. 5 Issue 4 Part B

2021, Vol. 5 Issue 4, Part B
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Functional outcome following internal fixation of rare type IV capitellum fractures using varied fixation methods: A case series
Wanlamkupar Khongwir and Dr. Tashi G Khonglah
Pages: 75-78  |  Viewed: 643  Downloaded: 131
Intra-articular bicondylar tibial plateau fractures managed surgically by dual plate osteosynthesis: A clinico-radiological and functional outcome evaluation
Dr. Amit N Rajpal, Dr. Ayon Das and Dr. Arijit Das
Pages: 79-85  |  Viewed: 645  Downloaded: 114
Percutaneous cannulated cancellous screw fixation v/s open reduction and internal fixation with plating for intra-articular calcaneal fractures
Dr. Paresh V Patil, Dr. Mithilesh A Nikam and Dr. Priyambada Kumar
Pages: 86-90  |  Viewed: 902  Downloaded: 324
Study and analysis of effect of calcium sulphate augmented with antibiotics in orthopaedic practice
Dr. Vadhiraj Krishna JB, Dr. Shreesh Kadur JM and Dr. Rohan Natthuji Kumre
Pages: 91-97  |  Viewed: 588  Downloaded: 91
Assessment of radiographic findings in patients with osteoarthritis of knee
Dr. Burhan Bhat, Dr. Ishtiaq Abdullah, Dr. Sulaiman Sath, Dr. zameer Ali, Dr. AR Badoo, Dr. Jabreel Muzaffar and Dr. Dawood Ahmad Khan
Pages: 98-100  |  Viewed: 660  Downloaded: 173
Profile of patients reporting with fractures in the orthopaedics department
Dr. Burhan Bhat, Dr. Sulaiman Sath, Dr. Zameer Ali, Dr. Jabreel Muzaffar, Dr. AR Badoo and Dr. Ishtiaq Abdullah
Pages: 101-103  |  Viewed: 573  Downloaded: 114
Functional outcome of temporary hemiepiphysiodesis by using 8 plate in patients with genu valgum deformity
Dr. Deepak Singh Rajput, Dr. Ankur Bansal and Dr. Kumar Rahul
Pages: 104-106  |  Viewed: 616  Downloaded: 153
Functional outcome following arthroscopic ACL reconstruction using 4 stranded hamstring autograft and preservation of hamstring graft at tibial insertion
Dr. Roshan I, Dr. Rajashekhara G, Dr. Balraj GH and Dr. Mahesh G
Pages: 107-111  |  Viewed: 418  Downloaded: 154
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