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National Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics
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Vol. 5 Issue 4 Part A

2021, Vol. 5 Issue 4, Part A
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Anterior bridge plating with mini incision MIPO technique for type a humerus diaphyseal fractures
Dr. Prabhav Tijoriwala, Dr. Dhruv Patel, Dr. Sunny Patel, Dr. Ekta Mehta and Dr. Janak Rathod
Pages: 01-05  |  Viewed: 599  Downloaded: 66
A study on surgical management of anterior cruciate ligament injuries by arthroscopic reconstruction using semitendinosus and gracilis tendon
Dr. T Ram Kalyan, Dr. Kalyan Kaushik Bharam and Dr. Kushal Verma
Pages: 06-11  |  Viewed: 568  Downloaded: 75
A comparative study of functional outcome in treatment of diaphyseal humerus fractures with open reduction and internal fixation by two different approaches, anterolateral and posterior
Dr. Takshay J Gandhi, Dr. Harshlaxen A Rajpardhi and Dr. Raj N Patel
Pages: 12-18  |  Viewed: 838  Downloaded: 72
Faulty external fixation
Dr. Ameer Mohammad Muslem, Dr. Mohammed Naser Hussein and Dr. Abdulkareem Qasim Hussein
Pages: 19-23  |  Viewed: 543  Downloaded: 63
Correction of medial compartmental osteoarthritis knee joint by high tibial closed wedge osteotomy with tension band wiring and cortical screw fixation in a rural set up
Deepak Datrange
Pages: 24-27  |  Viewed: 572  Downloaded: 55
Clinical profile of patients with lumbar disc prolapse
Dr. Ravi Varma VN, Dr. Shreyas MJ and Dr. Venkatesh Singh
Pages: 28-30  |  Viewed: 493  Downloaded: 40
Combined Cortico-cancellous and cancellous fresh paternal allograft in defect post resection of benign bone tumors of long bones in children, review of literatures with two cases study
Dr. Ahmad Shakir Turkey Alawadi, Dr. Yaman Ahmad Kadhim and Dr. Hamed Gata Hassen
Pages: 31-36  |  Viewed: 570  Downloaded: 90
Distal metaphyseal tibial fractures: Is an IMIL nail an adequate implant? An observational study on the functional and radiological outcome
Dr. Jacob Ipe, Dr. Chethan BA, Dr. Santosh Reddy and Dr. Manjunath Reddy
Pages: 37-41  |  Viewed: 558  Downloaded: 90
Autologous platelet rich plasma versus ultrasound therapy: What works better in elbow tendinopathies?
Dr. Santosh Reddy, Dr. Jacob Ipe and Dr. Manjunath Reddy
Pages: 42-46  |  Viewed: 526  Downloaded: 61
A comparision and analysis of dynamic hip screw v/s multiple cannulated cancellous screws for neck femur fractures in young Indian population
Dr. Prabhav Tijoriwala, Dr. Dhruv Patel, Dr. Sunny Patel, Dr. Ekta Mehta, Dr. Dharmesh Machhar and Dr. Janak Rathod
Pages: 47-50  |  Viewed: 545  Downloaded: 67
National Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics
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