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National Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics

2020, Vol. 4 Issue 1, Part B
Reamed intramedullary interlocking nailing in diapnyseal fractures of tibia in adults: A study or 50 cases
Author(s): Dr. Hiren Shah and Dr. Swapnil Nalge
Introduction: No fracture in the body has generated more heat and argument between the conservative and radical group of surgeons than the fracture of tibial shaft in adults. The management of tibial diaphyseal fracture has always held particular interest for orthopaedic surgeon not only because they are common, but they are often difficult to treat. Interlocking intramedullary nailing of tibia greatly improves rotational stability & can be used for axially unstable fracture. Thus use of interlocking nails means that virtually all tibial diaphyseal fractures can be stabilized with intramedullary nail. We decided to study the role of interlocking nail in diaphyseal fractures of tibia.
Materials and Methods: The present study consisted of 50 cases of fracture shaft tibia treated with reamed interlocking intramedullary nail. All patients were treated on indoor basis. Patients were studied from January 2002 to February 2004 with maximum follow up of 2 yr and minimum follow up of 4 months with average follow up of 1 yr. The study was conducted in Department of Orthopaedics, New Civil Hospital, Surat.Patients in the study were selected on the basis of inclusion criteria. Evaluation of results was carried as per criteria deviced by Ekeland.
Results and Discussion: The results of operated fracture tibia fibula with interlocking nail were classified as excellent, good, fair and poor according to the criteria deviced by Ekeland. In the present series, 94% of the patients had excellent to good results which is similar to Ekeland series (94%). Two patients had fair results and one patient had poor result.
Conclusion: Though the series is relatively small, it appears that reamed Intramedullary interlocking nailing is good, effective and safe method of treatment for closed and open grade I, fractures and also communited, unstable tibial diaphyseal fracture located within 7 cm below the knee joint and 5 cm above the ankle joint.
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